Skype for Educators: An Introduction to Using Skype in Education

Jose Rodriguez, 3rd grade teacher at Humphreys Avenue school In LAUSD

Link to Podcast recorded live during presentation at CLMS Conference on Saturday March 14, 2009


  • How do you collaborate with Educators outside your school?

    • F2F as in workshops, meetings, conferences.
    • How about online? Social Networks like Ning, twitter, yahoo groups
  • Skype as a 21st Century Communication tool

    • Instant communication VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)
    • Free calls from computer to computer
    • video conference
    • text chat / group conversations
  • Specifications

    • Web-based application: Does not need a browser to run.
    • It is cross platform; Windows, Mac, Linux.
    • Will need microphone (webcam)
      • I would recommend a USB headset for best audio.
    • Create an account:
    • Video Conference
    • Conference Calling

Applications - How can I use Skype as a learning tool?

**Format for Classroom discussions

Let's Do a Demo:

  • Contact list.
  • Skype Chat
  • Conference Call


Skype for Collaboration with Wesley Fryer
How to make a video call with Skype - youtube

Example of Standard AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) LAUSD

Reflection: So, how will you get started?

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