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  • Intro of School 1 (school/geographic location) (1-2 min)

1. We are third grade students at Humphreys Avenue Elementary School a school of about 700 students. We are located in Los Angeles, in Southern California. on the West Coast of the United States.. and Mexico is only about 2 hours away by car.
Our weather is warm most of the year, But we do have earthquakes the last one was this past summer.
2. East L.A. is a Historic part of Los Angeles our city was founded in 1786 by Spanish Explorers. Most people around here speak Spanish because they or someone in their family immigrated here from Mexico.

3. If you go to La Placita Olvera – original Spanish Mission In Los Angeles, you may find Marichis – these are musicians playing Mexican regional songs in Spanish. They wear big sombreros, elegant costumes, and sing serenades.

  • Intro of School 2 (school/geographic location)

  • School 1 show and tell (1-2 min)

1. We are getting ready for EarthDay 2009 on April 22nd. We are getting a garden ready and learning about the Earth.

2.We planted seeds on Friday for sowing inside and expect to plant them in the garden in about a week or so. We are investigating and will post updates on our Wiki.
3. You can find all of our activities on our classroom blog. Third grade Discoveries on classblogmeister.

  • School 2 shares (1-2 min)

  • Data collection Question 3-5min

1. We would like to know what you are studying in science.

Interview with Mr. Robertshaw

Intro: Leslie
1. Hi Mr. Robershaw… Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule.
2. We are celebrating Math and Science week and it’s very exciting being able to talk with a real scientist.

3. Tell us about your job. What does a marine biologist do? Alex

4. If I were to visit your museum,.. what can I expect to do there? Isaac

5. What advice can you give to students that want to grow up to become scientists? Joceline

Mr. R.
Thanks again.. hope to connect with you in the future again especially as we get close to Earth Day.